rainbow-hued and shiny

Art day was a success today at school.   The project ended up being so-so, but the children had a great time.  I ended up sweaty, hot, and covered with food coloring. 

The children were all adorable.  Each and every one.  (Well, except for the one who pooped in his pants.  That wasn’t adorable at all.)

Note to the parents of preschoolers: when they say it’s art day, don’t send your children to school in fancy clothes.  Or white shirts.  Or anything new.  Or anything you want to not be all the colors of the rainbow.  I’m just saying…

The other plus I got from today, other than a little green (on my fingers and in my wallet) and some fun in my day, is I will probably be more inclined to get my kids into their art clothes and head to the back yard and let them go at it.  Mess be damned.  I need a little more of that in my life.  This might just be the summer for it.


2 responses to “rainbow-hued and shiny

  1. Being messy is freedom!

  2. My kids have no fancy clothes. Esp not the one who poops in his pants.

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