As I rushed to get sunscreen and bug spray on the kids before school this morning, Maggie yelped a little.

“Mom!  Get it!”

I saw the little moth she was pointing to.

“It’s just a moth.  It won’t hurt you.”

“What’s a moth?”

“Well, some caterpillars turn into butterflies and some turn into moths.”

“Oh!  Mom, do you think it’s my little friend?  Hi little buddy.  It’s me!  I knew you when you were a caterpillar.  Do you remember me?  Stay right there.  I’ll see you when I get home from school.”

Then I dropped her off at school where they had a ceremony for the children who are moving up and going off to different schools.  She got to choose a butterfly that represented how she has grown and changed since starting school.  She was once a caterpillar who is growing right before my eyes.  Sometimes I want her to stay right there too.


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