little man

A few things that I love about my son right now:

He has become a singing machine.  Sometimes it takes me a few seconds to figure out exactly what song he is preforming, but they are adorable.

No matter what he is doing, if I call to him and hold my arms out for a huge hug, he will stop whatever it was to come running to me with a crooked little grin on his face.

He loves to wear his sister’s hand-me-down pajamas.

He is parroting so much of what I say (which is great for a number of reasons) that I feel like I have a shadow that speaks.

He eats everything.  Anything.  All of it.

He still does his happy dance when he gets really excited. (think snoopy with the feet twirling.)

He sat in the car today and counted to 20 for no reason.  Which I didn’t even know he could do.

He offers half of his snack and drink to me.  Every time.  

He naps like a champ.  And I do so love a good nap.

He still wants to hold my hand.


One response to “little man

  1. Okay. I love him even more now.

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