When procrastination pays

Or: My momma didn’t raise no fool.

I left you a mere 4 hours ago touting my laziness and lack of accomplishment.  Then I got smart.

I organized a “family clean-up.”  Everyone was required to participate.  We even made it fun using the time timer, and singing silly songs.

We cleaned five rooms in 30 minutes flat.

Now that, my friends, is called getting it done.


3 responses to “When procrastination pays

  1. I just ordered one so that Yago will know how much Wii time he has left. (And it will definitely come in handy with my procrastination skills are put into use as well!!)

  2. yee-haw! Go Brigid!

    BTW, nice URL! 🙂

  3. @shab – I am not a spokesperson for the time timers, but I could be! I love them and have sent many friends to their site.
    @Leanne – Thanks!

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