We spent a rainy day inside doing a jigsaw puzzle.  The whole family got into the action and it was quite fun.  I now know how my husband and I will spend our golden oldie years.  Assuming my eyes hold out.

After a nice dinner out (yippee, no cooking!) we went out for an ice cream.  On these special occasions, Maggie gets a kid scoop in a cone, I get a normal scoop in a cone and Nick gets a kid scoop in a cup.  I strategically plan what kind he will get based on what I would like to eat, because he’s usually good for about five or six bites before his mouth gets too cold and he’s done.

Historically I have always been a mint chocolate chip and chocolate chip girl (back when my hips didn’t mind a double scoop.)  So I got the mint and ordered him the chocolate chip.  

He surprised me and ate close to half of his scoop.  Then he announced “all done” and hopped out of his chair.  That was my cue to finish his ice cream.  Which I did.

He came back about three minutes later and hopped back into his seat saying “ice cream!”  He looked into his cup (which was now empty) and looked back at me like I had just, well, like I had just eaten the last of his ice cream.  Which I had.  Whoops.

I quickly reminded him he had said “all done!”  He looked in the cup again, to make sure his eyes had not deceived him.  Then he smiled up at me and said “all done!”

I guess I need to give him a few moments before I descend on his leftovers.  That, or he needs to learn not to walk away from his ice cream when I am sitting next to him.

maggie on her bikeWe did get to go for a walk/ride when we got home.  The training wheels were off for a few days last week, but Maggie has decided she much prefers them on.  It certainly makes our rides a lot smoother.   Don’t be fooled – holding onto a moving bike is some back-breaking work.  And it involves running.

You can’t see my favorite part of her ensemble – the Obama sticker on her helmet.  It makes me smile every time I see it.  The horn, does not make me smile.  And I don’t think it makes the neighbors smile either.  But a quick glance out the window and this little grin looking back at you? How could you not smile?


4 responses to “sat-all-day

  1. Brig,
    My grandfather and my dad did puzzles. It is one of my favorite memories of both of them. They were both so quiet and zen-like when they were working on one, and never complained when I got all excited that I found a piece!

  2. GiGi – puzzles always remind me of spending hours at my grandmother’s dining room table. They take me back in time.

  3. Teaching Sam to ride his bike without training wheels almost put an end to me! Maggie looks so precious in her Obama helmet. 🙂

  4. @Jennifer – I’m hoping she will just kind of “figure it out.” Has a child ever not learned to ride a bike due to parental laziness?

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