today’s weirdness

I’ve decided I might be weird.  Really.

I broke down and bought some new dish towels, after the great mildew debacle.  I know myself well enough to know I could never look at those gross little mold filled “cleaning” cloths again and be able to clean with them.  I just know.

So today, I could barely bring myself to use one of my new pristine towels to clean the dishes because the dishes were really dirty and I didn’t want to soil my new dish cloths.  I’m too weird for words.

On another note, I now own personalized patio furniture.  Check this out:

personalized patio chair Yes, that’s our patio chair.  With the word mom written on the seat and Maggie on the armrest.  Oh, and the chalk that was positioned on the chair? Yes, that landed there for no good reason because the writing is done in permanent marker.  At least she didn’t get a tattoo.



Maggie's chairAnd this would be Maggie’s chair.  Notice the artistic Gs, and the E that just won’t quit.  Mike and I kind of had to laugh, out of earshot of the little artist.  But she managed to hear and walk out and say “Isn’t it cute?” with a shy little grin on her face.  I had to get all stern and remind her we write on paper, not on patio furniture.  


3 responses to “today’s weirdness

  1. When I was about four or five I drew with blue crayon a big blob on the screen my dad used to show slides and movies. I am still reminded of my transgression to this day!

  2. I love it! Don’t you love/hate it when your child does something she shouldn’t, but honestly it’s pretty darn funny, but you can’t let her know! hahaha

  3. i have the same issue with dishtowels. my husband gets mad because he can never remember which are the “good” ones and which are the trashy ones. i know exactly what you mean!

    (and glad someone else agrees with me about the park!)

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