Even I have standards

Something became obviously apparent to me when we returned from a weekend visiting my in-laws: my rather lax housekeeping skills have tumbled right into disgusting.

First, being in a house that is spotless from morning until night and then again by morning kind of got me in the mood to appreciate cleanliness.

I have been on a purge binge for months now (no, not food, extra household items that serve no purpose in my household.)  But somehow in the midst of all the purging, things keep multiplying.  Crayons seem to appear out of thin air.  The kids’ artwork rests on every flat surface.  Clothes that missed old friends that had been donated, got together and morphed into yet more clothes.

I knew when I left that the house was in pretty bad shape.  I chose to spend the day we were leaving in the company of friends instead of in the company of my vacuum.  Given the choice again, I would make the same one without a thought.

One particularly bad result of that choice was discovered later when I rushed to do a last minute load of laundry during the packing frenzy.  Uh oh.  Yep, gross mildewed towels found lurking in the washer days after they were washed.  A number of great suggestions from my FB friends didn’t even help – I didn’t have time to rewash them.  They were thrown in a laundry basket so I could meet the packing deadline.  And now my whole basement stinks.

But upon re-entry into my house and my life, it became so obvious that I need to unplug from my computer occasionally and actually clean.  Today I made a huge start.  My plan is to continue tomorrow.  And the next day, if necessary (which truth be told, I could hire a team and they would need the whole week.)

Clutter – be gone!  Undetermined food stains on the kitchen floor – be gone!  Gross mildewed towels – really, really, be gone!


8 responses to “Even I have standards

  1. Ugh, I hear you Brigid! My house could use some serious cleaning action too!

    I’m curious – what are you going to do with all the artwork? Z’s keeps piling up. I’m thinking of taking pictures of them and then either throwing them out or giving them away. But they keep multiplying! Any ideas, oh Idea Woman?

  2. You know what, Brigid? I always kept a spotless house, but some of my priorities were not what they should have been. I think yours are. Keep up the good mother, wife, friend work!


  3. Leanne,
    I’m a fan of pictures of the artwork and then a photobook of some sort. I SAY that now, but let’s see what I DO when there is actually some artwork.

  4. Brigid-I gave up trying to have a house like my mom’s. Not sure how she did/does it. Oh well.
    I also need to continue to purge (or rather, start back up!). How do we accumulate so much stuff anyway?!

  5. First, Gah! A typo right in the title! I must have been tired…

    @ Leanne – I modified a suggestion from Jen. I keep two under-the-bed boxes under my bed (duh) and file their artwork/schoolwork in them. Later when they are not around and I have a lot to choose from, I edit. So far it’s working great.

  6. @ Leanne – oh and I also give some to grandparents and the neighbors and anyone else who sits still long enough.

  7. @ Stephanie – Thank you. I read your comment at the perfect moment and decided to take a nap with Nicholas. 😉

  8. @ shab – Maybe we should purge for each other? I am such a sentimental sucker that I go in with huge ideas and come out with only a few toss-aways. Though I must say I have been much better this time around. And I hope to stop accumulating – you might have the key right there.

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