Maggie says

I know, I know, I already posted today.  My list of blog ideas is growing a bit, so I might do some two-fers when I get the chance.  (readers roll eyes and shrug shoulders – what else could this woman possibly have to say?)

Toward the end of the May, my mom is going to fly down for a few days.  Then she and I will drive up to Chicago with the kids.  We will spend a few days there and then Nicholas and I will come home while Maggie stays in Chicago for four or five days.  She went last year for three days and loved it.  She can’t wait to go back.  Just another reason my parents are awesome.

Yesterday she came downstairs with her Dora backpack/suitcase.

“I’m all ready to go to Nana and Bapa’s.”

“Oh really.  What did you pack?”

“Well, I have my flip flops for the beach.  And my hat for the beach.  This little pony to share with Nana and Bapa.  And my clown nose.  So all I need to add are my pajamas.”

“Sounds great.”

Of course, I’m assuming she will want to wear some clothes, and maybe a swimsuit, and for goodness sake, pack a toothbrush!  But it was interesting to see what was worthy to make the trip.

Then tonight I was clipping her toenails and she was wincing and carrying on when I clipped the baby toes.  It’s all an act.

“Would you like to be an actress when you grow up?”

“What’s an actress?”

“Someone who acts in plays or TV shows or movies.  They are good at pretending things.”

“Hmm.  Maybe.  But I think I would like to be a doctor.”

“Really?  What kind of doctor?”

“I would like to work with puppies.  I’d like to be a vegetarian doctor.”

“A veterinarian?”

“Yes.  And I will be able to tell Nana all about the animals I help when I visit her house.”

Ao apparently she is going to be on the fast-track vegetarian/veterinarian program, because she has about two weeks until she is going to give her first lecture.


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