spiraling into No

It’s still rainy here.  Not actually raining at the moment, but rainy.  Though there is a glimmer of hope that the sun might shine later today.  

All the rain, being cooped up, the gloom, the lack of exercise is driving my children to the land of crazy.  And I am going there right along with them.

We have spiraled into No.  Don’t.  No. Stop.  No. Stop. Stop.  No.  Stop.  Don’t.

I am finding myself repeating the same words over and over.  I know in my head that I am better off explaining things in the positive.  As in Use your walking feet, instead of Don’t run.  Children hear mostly the run part, not so much the don’t part. 

There are a few that are programmed into my brain.  But the rest don’t come easy.  I have to stop and think of a way to say Don’t hit your sister with a big piece of wood that is positive.  I came up with The wooden rods stay on the floor. (long wooden rods used for counting and spatial recognition and aparently to my 2yo as a weapon of mass destruction.)

Don’t wipe your hands on your pants becomes We wipe our hands on napkins.

Don’t climb on the table becomes We sit in chairs.

Stop interrupting becomes It is my turn to talk right now.

But honestly the last three days have been about no, stop and don’t.  And it shows.  The more I correct in the negative, the more negative we all get.  They get annoyed with me and stop listening.  I get frustrated with them and am less forgiving.  We grumble around, stop off at the window to see if the reprieve has come yet, and grumble around some more.  Into a downward spiral.  Until I say NO, we will not spiral anymore!  And I send them to the basement to play while I gather my wits and regroup.

And I hear them giggle, and play, and laugh, and get along.  And I realize maybe I’m the grumpus in the group.  Maybe I need the sunshine more than they do.  I need the outdoor time more than they do.  I need to climb up from the depths of no and try a little yes.  


3 responses to “spiraling into No

  1. two words: sticker chart

  2. I went through a no cycle yesterday. I was frusrtrated with my mom’s insistance on putting Yago in underwear and so I was cleaning up countless accidents when I was supposed to be working. Ugh. I was the Queen of No yesterday. It’s not an accident when it’s the norm, right?

    Hang in there! We’ll see some sun soon.

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