go away, germs

I have a love/hate relationship with anti-bacterial products, namely anti-bacterial soap.  We do have it occasionally in our house.  I did buy some more today, not out of fear of the swine craze (though that certainly is not a comfort), but more in direct response to an evil puking virus that is still knocking out people at my kids’ school.  I have been living in fear of this virus since I heard an account of just how bad it was.  Ugh.

Which brings me to the love part of anti-bacterial.  I know there is an especially high amount of germs at the school right now.  Yes, I’m aware it’s a preschool, so it’s also a petri dish.  But the last two weeks have hosted a particularly wicked stomach bug, numerous cases of strep throat (Maggie) and a fever virus (Nicholas).  Not just one or two people.  Lots of people.  Lots of staff.  Lots of children.  It’s kind of creeping me out.  I am not sure my kids are going back this week, if these bugs don’t clear out.  So, yeah, today I am a fan of anti-bacterial. 

Which brings me to the hate part of anti-bacterial.  A lot of us use anti-bacterial.  Some of us are guilty of over-using anti-bacterial.  When a good hand washing with warm water and regular soap would do the trick, we use anti-bacterial just to be sure.  Well, the germs feel the pain.  Until they don’t.  Until they morph into super germs who laugh in the face of anti-bacterial soap.  Then what do we do?

Note: This school cleans like no other school I have ever seen.  I do not fault them for these circumstances.  I have never seen anything like this in the two years we have been there.  I just want it to go away.


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