birds, blooms and bikes


baby birdsThe rain finally let up for a few moments.  But not before we discovered a nest of itty, bitty birds in our hanging plant on the porch.  Truth be told, I owe the mama bird a huge thank you.  You see, for two years now my husband has insisted on hanging this green plant on our porch.  I think a flowering plant should hang on the porch.  He sadly told me that he wouldn’t be able to water the plant because of the nest and we “might lose the plant.”  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a plant-hater.  I would love for the plant to live somewhere else in our home and bring lovely oxygen and greenness into our lives.  But the fact that soon the plant won’t hang on our porch anymore makes me kind of giddy.  And I like to listen to these little fluff balls and watch the mom and dad bring them food.

rosesOur much neglected rose bush has popped in the last week.  It must have over 30 blooms.  I am amazed every year that it comes back after being so horribly ignored.  Now I fear it I begin to “take care of it,” it will shrivel up and die.


During our one hour reprieve from the rain yesterday the kiddos went a little nuts on their bikes.  I have video, which captures the peals of laughter so much better, but apparently either my video camera is not compatible with iMovie, or I’m just an idiot.  (My money is even on both – it would be just my luck that it’s not compatible, but it would not surprise me in the least if it was user error.)

bike ridingI had a few other shots, but one certain person was flashing a bit more underwear than I was comfortable posting.  This is the kind of fun that they can only have with their dad.  I can teach and nurture and empathize and cuddle, but their dad can make them laugh like no one else.


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