visiting kindergarten

Maggie and I got to visit kindergarten today.  She had a blast.  For the first few minutes as the group grew in the lobby, she started to move closer and closer to me.  It was almost as if she were getting a bit nervous.  She twirled the bottom of her shirt a tad.

I was fascinated by the shy side of Maggie that I haven’t seen in so long.  Right before the tour started she positioned herself in such a way as she would be first in line, as long as that was the way we would go.  She risked being last in line if the other hall turned out to be the way we were going.  I pointed this out, but she never wavered.  When she was chosen first and we moved down the hall, she looked at me with such an I told you so face.  And my Maggie was back.

We got to see the library, where she wanted to stay.  The art room, where she wanted to stay.  The music room, where she wanted to stay.  The gymnasium, which was OK.  The cafeteria, even the hot food line, which was lacking food at this early hour.

“This stinks,” she said.  Not in a not up to my standard way, but in a it’s a kitchen and smells like an industrial sized kitchen.  Let’s just say I see some brown bags in her future.

And she got to see the kindergarten/1st grade playground.  Her face fell.  We have been driving past the school for three years now.  There is a  huge playground visible where she has dreamed of spending recess.  This small playground hidden in the back looked, well, small.  Fill it with children and I bet she will be fine, but I also sense some weekends we might spend at the real playground.

Then there were the six kindergarten classrooms.  We got to visit all six.  I was the parent lined up with the other parents who appeared to not have a child with me.  Because she was already working with the kindergartners.  One teacher asked me who my child was and I pointed her out.  The teacher was amused at the fact that she had already found her place in the room.

The part that struck me the most was the difference in the classrooms.  One classroom was lively, and another quite orderly.  One was very quiet and another had birds chirping, crickets chirping until they were eaten by a small dragon/lizard thing.  Since we don’t know which classroom she will be in, it was especially interesting to see the differences.  I don’t even know from spending 6-7 minutes in each room if there is one I would prefer, not that I have a choice.

It is the beginning of a whole new adventure.  And Maggie can’t wait to get started.  I can only hope her enthusiasm continues once it becomes a reality.

(Thank you to Jen for watching Nicholas at the last minute so I could give Maggie my full attention on this special morning.  We would have never been able to stay at the front of the line with little brother tagging along.)

I wish I could have done this day a little more justice with more descriptive writing, but let’s just say this week has kicked the crap out of me. (Forgive the lame title, too.)


2 responses to “visiting kindergarten

  1. wish we had a tour like that. what a good idea!

  2. It was my pleasure to watch Nicholas. He’s always welcome!

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