one thing at a time

I have a draft started of a post touting all the ways I multi-task throughout the day.  Some entertaining, some annoying, some just plain necessary.

But lately I have been finding myself not completing things.  And getting sidetracked a lot.  My multi-tasking had finally started to cost me productivity.

So I am adding to my ever-growing list of goals: one thing at a time.  (OK, maybe two things, but definitely not three things and never four things.)  (Does anyone else have as hard a time as I do spelling definitely I need to come up with an alternate word, or I guess I could just learn to spell it.  Wait a minute – where was I?  Oh, yes.  One thing at a time.)

My goals.  I also have a draft started about the goals I set for myself for 2009.  I figure the end of April is a good time to go back and see how I’m doing.  Better than waiting until the end of December when it’s too late for 2009.  Are you meeting any of your 2009 goals?


2 responses to “one thing at a time

  1. Hi Brigid,

    Great post! I completely agree that keeping the changes in one’s life to a minimum will maximize success. It’s too difficult to make several changes all at once. Little changes prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.

    To answer your question – yes, I am meeting some of my goals;even though it’s easy to get side-tracked.

    Hang in there – you’ll be amazed at the end of the year how much you’ve accomplished!

    Wishing you the best,

    Deborah 🙂

    • Deb,
      Thanks so much for the comment. I am finding “one thing at a time” to be a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. Thanks for the encouragement!

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