Take some Tylenol and call back on Monday

Maggie spiked a fever yesterday after having complained of a sore throat for a few hours.  She napped twice during the day.  The girl who never naps, napped twice and went to bed early.  Right after she threw up.  

Those of you who know me, know what throw up does to me.  I have just recovered in the last hour or two (24 hours later) and begun eating again myself.  Luckily, for me, my mom is visiting and has been Maggie’s personal nurse.

As of last night, I was pretty convinced it was strep throat.  You may recall we did this dance about two months ago, and she was following about the same pattern.

I called the doctor’s office this morning.  I received a return call from the partner of our pediatrician.  He was not impressed with the list of symptoms.  He said strep was unlikely because only 30% of the strep tests they had done that week were positive.  What?  So 1/3 of all their strep tests this week were positive, but Maggie likely didn’t have it.  Maybe because it was a Saturday and they don’t have office hours on Saturday?

He said I had two choices – I could take her to a minute clinic to get the strep test or I could wait until he could make it into the office later in the day and he would do it.

Don’t do your job on my account.  Or that of my sick child.

So we went off to the walk-in clinic and got the strep test done.  Which was positive.  She’s on antibiotics and starting to feel a lot better.  

I can’t help but think of what this would be like if Nicholas had indeed been diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever and how scared I would be of his being exposed again.  Luckily for us, now my fears that he will get strep are simply because strep is yucky, not because it could kill him.

Now I am left to ponder finding yet another pediatrician.  I started with this practice, changed to another because of distance (and other reasons), changed to another after we moved, and then changed back to this one.  Am I just not going to be happy or have I just not found the right fit yet?

Part of the shine of this practice was that there are only two doctors, so I would see our primary doctor almost all the time.  Except I have seen the partner for the last two weekend calls and another Friday appointment – you know the one, where he didn’t clean out Nick’s ear, declared the ear fine,  and then by Monday the ear drum had burst.  Yeah, not feeling too confident in that guy right about now.

Not to mention, I still feel the whole Rheumatic Fever incident was handled poorly.  That is a whole other post.  Don’t get me started.

A complicating factor is finding an office that can do a decent job with blood draws.  We have been to a few who were horrible.  Because of Maggie’s thyroid condition, blood draws are important.  There is nothing like watching a nurse stick the needle in your child’s arm and dig around for four or five minutes getting three drops of blood out, when you need three vials.

Immunizations are almost a non-issue, since Nicholas is pretty much on schedule and Maggie will be completely caught up (with mandatory shots) in less than two months.

Really, I need a pediatrician for sick visits now more than anything else.  So shouldn’t I feel like the pediatrician and her partner give a crap about my kids?  Or am I just being too optimistic?


4 responses to “Take some Tylenol and call back on Monday

  1. Adrian Freeman at Harpeth Pediatrics, sister. I really like all the drs. there, and she’s a P.A., but man, she treats my kids like they’re the only ones on earth. Careful. Takes you seriously. Lover her. Oops. Love her. Freudian slip? Maybe …

  2. we’ve had excellent pediatricians and there is a world of difference. i am so sorry you dealt with this.

  3. Sounds like Jen has a good recco. I have been with OHP and am about 99% happy (that other one percent happened when Nick was in the hospital). They have weekend clinics and now have an onsite pharmacy for normal stuff like amoxicillan, etc. I believ when it comes to health matters you always have to take control of the whole thing yourself. And I say screw them if you are unhappy- look for one who takes care of your precious kids.

  4. I’m late on this, but ditto on finding a new ped – there are definitely good ones out there that you’ll be happy with. I go to OHP as well and am thrilled…so I know there are good ones out there. Definitely sounds like Jen has a great rec for you!

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