She has never met a stranger

Happy day for Maggie.  We had a workman at the house.  She can’t get enough.  I always ask if it’s OK for her to follow them.  They usually say yes.  They have no idea what they have just agreed to.

Today we had a hose bib replaced.  The plumber was here for maybe two hours.  Maggie was glued to his side for at least the first hour, until I lured her away with a show.  (We were paying by the hour, and I know not everyone is adept at answering 1,000,000,000 questions while simultaneously do their plumbing work.)

When it was time to settle up, I thanked him for letting her tag along.

“I have three boys.  The three of them together have never asked me as many questions about plumbing as she did today.”

Like I said, they never see her coming.

He left.  We waited for the next guy to come.  He was giving us an estimate on getting all the ancient pipes replaced before they actually disintigrate in front of our very eyes.  Maggie was thrilled to have someone else to talk to.  They talked tattoos and he went on his way.

So we headed out to the grocery.  Our neighborhood Publix has recently undergone a huge new floor plan (which means I get some exercise walking in circles looking for things.)

One of the items that has moved is a big lobster tank that was a highlight for Maggie.  I can’t tell you how many times she has asked me what the blue bands on the lobster claws are for.  Seriously, every single time we have passed them.  So the tank was gone. I was a bit relieved I wouldn’t have to answer the question today.  (Although I figured she might just ask anyway, because that would be just like her.)

She found the nice lady who works in the seafood/meat department.  She asked where the lobsters were.  Dana explained to her that they were behind the counter.

lobster looking 


And the next thing you know, she’s behind the counter with a hairnet on looking at the lobsters.  And asking questions about the thermometer and the water temperature.  






grocery outfit



Oh, and get a look at the whole outfit that she will someday accuse me of making her wear: hairnet, colorful pants that are a bit too short, shirt that doesn’t match on purpose, her baking apron (because she really wanted to be home baking instead of at the store), her white fur-like coat, and green shoes that are a size too big.  And that, my friends, all took place today before noon.


4 responses to “She has never met a stranger

  1. I love this post! 🙂

  2. What a smart cookie!

  3. Maggie has been an interesting/interested person since she was born! What fun it is to read about her and Nicholas!

  4. charm is a good thing

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