I feel kind of bad that the last two posts have had pictures of Nicholas where he seems, well, sad.  In the first, was looking at a people-sized Easter bunny in a pink dress, with a scowl on his face.  In the next, he was looking at a real bunny hopping around freely in his sister’s room with a look of horror.

I decided to find proof that he really is the happy kid that I know he is.  So I set out to find some photos of him smiling.  Except he rarely ever smiles in photos.  He smiles before photos and after photos, but rarely during photos.

backyard pic



My mom is here and she got a new camera, so she was taking some photos of the kids in the back yard.


smile Nick!



Maggie did her best to get him to smile.  No luck.





bathtub fun 


Persistence paid off!  Proof that he does, in fact, smile.  The bathtub is a sure-fire smile inducer.  Just try not to smile.


2 responses to “Proof

  1. I love that last picture! (well, all of them)–but that last one is aDORable!

  2. Brig,
    I LOVE the bath picture! They both look so happy!

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