bunnies and eggs

Whew.  In a word.  Whew.

I did, in fact, embark on my cookie baking day.  I did, in fact, do this when my four-year-old, who loves to bake, was home.  My first mistake miscalculation.  Actually, the kid is a wizard with a rolling pin.  Lots of baking with her Nana and many hours clocked with play-doh has taught her some mad skills.

I, on the other hand, had to purchase a rolling pin and a sifter just to get started today.  I wondered a few times if I was in over my head, but I think for a first try I’m going to call it a success.

I was never happier to hear the words I’m taking the kids to the park uttered by my husband right before I made the frosting.  He must have tuned in to the mental begging I was doing in my head.

They got back in time for Maggie to frost one of her own.  She ate it before I could snap a picture.  But I did take a picture of some of the final products.  I was racing bedtime for the kids at this point, so the photo itself is not my best.

easter cookies

I learned A LOT today.  I have SO MUCH more to learn.  I wouldn’t have had the courage to try without spending a good deal of time here  – now those are some beautiful cookies.  I tried to take it easy and only use two colors today. The other tray was mostly pink with purple accents. 

easter eggs

We also colored eggs today.  Maggie did most of them.  I wrote the letters since the wax crayon was invisible at first and she didn’t care for that.





Oh, and the bunny.  The real one.  Crystal is spending the weekend with us.  He (yes, Crystal is a he)  lives at the kids’ school and I offered to bring him home over the long weekend.  



Maggie with bunny

Maggie couldn’t be happier to have Crystal with us.  Crystal sleeps in his cage, which is in Maggie’s room.  She has helped to feed him, clean out his poop and can’t wait to give him his treat tomorrow.  He gets to have one carrot as a treat, and I figured tomorrow would be the perfect day for a treat.  Crystal even got to come down to the basement with us on Friday during the tornado warning.





Nicholas cryingNicholas, on the other hand, is fine when the bunny is in his cage, but looks like this when we let it out of the cage.  Mind you, the bunny was a good seven feet away from him, but out of the cage is out of the cage.  Maybe once he gets over his fear of all animals, he will end up being a vet or a zoologist.


5 responses to “bunnies and eggs

  1. Those cookies are beautiful! You’ll have to teach me so that Yago can help me bake (ugh) next year!

  2. Great post, Brigid. I loved the photos. I cannot believe that was your trial run on those cookies. I’ll clean your floors and you bake my cookies. What do you say?

  3. Wow! You have had a busy Easter season.

    My kids would love a bunny, but they’ll have to be content with the nest of wild bunnies we found behind our A/C unit today. They are almost as cute as yours!

  4. Shab – who would have thought I could give baking lessons??

    Jen – I will trade just about anything for clean floors that I don’t have to actually do the cleaning of.

    Meredith – Thanks! The bunny was an adventure, but one I was willing to accept because of the clear end in sight. He went back to school this morning. 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh…that bottom picture is priceless! Your cookies!!! They are wonderful! I love the purple on the bunnies!

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