ask me in a month…

There is a new bag of goodies on our dining room table.  Not the table where we actually eat, but the fancy table that we eat at about twice a year.

I am trying a new hobby.

You just heard my husband cringe, no matter how far away you are.

I am kind of a hobby addict.  That is, I like to start new hobbies.  New hobbies are fun and exciting.  There is almost always a point where the new hobby looses it’s sparkle and I get distracted by another new, shiny, sparkley hobby.

Past hobbies include, but are not limited to:

photography (more than a hobby, used to be a job – but guh, the money I could spend on photography equipment is enough to make even me shudder.)

sewing (also a job – monogramming, again – not a cheap hobby, but I have more than paid for the machine and all supplies with what I have made. Also included: burp cloths, bag making, a couple dresses, a few quilts, a duvet cover, five pillow shams, and more curtains than I care to remember.)

card making (never made any money, never fully used all the things I thought for sure I would need. Have used it mostly for to/from cards on packages – though just today I scribbled a last minute to/from on a piece of white paper with a ball point.  For shame.)

bow making (as in hair bows – made enough to cover the cost of the supplies.  Still have supplies, still have a daughter who doesn’t like hairbows.  Have given some as gifts. And actually I use the word “bow” loosely, they are more tailored hair clips, if you will.)

knitting (made a few really cute hats , one for my son, two for gifts.  Have needles.  Haven’t knit in long enough that I may have forgotten how.  Might not have the patience for a long project.  Might have the patience when my patience is not tested 18 times a day by little people.)

blogging (found a way to take a virtually free hobby and go to a conference and buy a new laptop.  Neither one do I regret in any way.)

And with all those hobbies, I just had to find another one.  I am going to learn/teach myself how to decorate cookies.  It all started with an innocent enough question about cookies posed by a friend.  I haven’t stopped thinking about sugar cookies since.  And like with most of my other hobbies, I hate to buy something that I think I could make/do myself.  Though with many, I have come to realize the value of the skills, juxtaposed with the ease of simply making a purchase. 

Anyway, I bought some supplies and I’m ready to get started.  Before Nicholas was born, my greatest desire was to learn to decorate cakes, as in really decorate cakes.  I checked out some books from the library and got a little freaked at the fake/unhealthy ingredients and never did it.  For some reason this seems different to me.  (My husband would be rolling his eyes right now.)

While you all probably know by now that I am obsessed partial to chocolate, what you might not know is I am a sugar cookie fiend.  One of my sisters-in-law always has sugar cookies at her house.  Out of one side of my mouth, I would tell my kids they could not have any, while I was gobbling them down by the handful with the other side of my mouth.

I have two rather simple goals.  OK, three.  One: that the cookies be edible yummy. Two: I would like to make them for Maggie’s birthday party. Three: I would love to make them for a shower I am hosting.  I guess I should actually try to make some before I decide when and where I will be presenting them.  But those are my goals, and they are out there now for the world to see and for me to live up to.


2 responses to “ask me in a month…

  1. I can’t wait to see your cookies! 🙂

  2. if you need someone to sample…

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