ugly bunny, cute bunny

Today I sat on the couch watching a smidge of TV while both the kiddos were at school.  Then Nicholas’ teacher called saying he was acting funny.  Since there was the possibility that he fell down the stairs while I was taking the garbage out this morning, I was nervous to say the least.

So I headed to get him, and by the time I got there, everyone else in the class was sleeping, and he was sitting with the teachers looking at some books.  Turns out he was fine.

I’m not saying he wasn’t upset about something, but he wasn’t sick.  I think we have just met the boy who cried wolf.

I took him for a ride so he would fall asleep before it was time to go back and get Maggie.  Then we were off to the library for an egg hunt.

egg hunt

The first time I took Maggie there, she was F-R-E-A-K-E-D out by the bunny.  She would only get within, oh, say a football field’s length of the bunny.  So I was interested to see Nicholas’ reaction.

furrowed brow

The furrowed brow.  But we were only 20 feet from the huge, scary bunny.  Considering his fear of most animals, I think he did pretty well.

I was with Nick in the under three area and Mike took Maggie to the 4-6 area.  When we met back up, she had a basket full of those horrible spongy fat eggs.  Nick had a total of six pieces, most of which I had put in his basket to show him what to do.  He walked over most of the candy on his way to catch up to “Dada and Ma.”

I failed to get a photo of “the bunny” because Nick wouldn’t let me get close enough to get a shot.  Let’s just say, big people sized bunnies shouldn’t wear pink dresses.

I had another picture to load, but it is taking FOREVER, so either I’m doing something the hard way (imagine that?) or there is a trick to this I will learn in the coming days.

We are taking a bunny home from school for the weekend.  What better way to practice responsible pet care, than with a pet you can return after three days?  And over Easter weekend, no less.  Wish us luck. (and no wires being eaten…)  Hopefully there will be photos of a cute bunny in the coming days.


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