calm waters

As I was trying to get the newsletter finished today, I asked the kids to play in Maggie’s room for a few minutes.  Normally I can’t get them out of her room.  But simply because I wanted them there, meant they had no intention of staying there.  Nicholas actually sneaked past me, closed the door behind himself and headed downstairs.

Nicholas being downstairs, in and of itself, is not a bad thing.  I am careful to only allow him a certain amount of alone-time before I check to make sure he’s not stealing food from the cabinets, or coloring on the walls, or walking around with an outlet cover in his mouth.

Since he had sneaked past me, he had a head start on his alone-time.  When I realized he had escaped my watchful ears (I know watchful eyes, so what, listening ears?) I commented that I better go check on him.

Maggie kindly offered to check on him for me.  She headed down the stairs and I turned up the sensor on my ears.

Sound of her steps going down the stairs.  Sound of her steps walking into the kitchen.  Sound of her steps running back to the stairs.

“Mom, it’s really bad.  You better come quick!”

Mom comes quickly.

Finds son in middle of kitchen floor with copious amounts of water that he is trying to wipe up with a piece of paper.  See, son has recently figured out that he can reach the water spigot on the fridge door.  He routinely helps himself to a drink of water.  The unfortunate part being, he fills the cup, takes one sip and then pours the rest on the floor.  I imagine the sequence went something like this: fill cup, take sip, dump cup, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Silly me, remembers back to buying said fridge and thinking we don’t need the one with buttons to turn the spigots off.  That’s crazy!  Guess who would really love some buttons right about now?  Buttons at the top.  Way up high, where my giant-child can’t reach them.

Ah, well.  So he was a sport about cleaning up the water. (I think he has as much fun cleaning up the spills as he does spilling.)  I was a total sport about the whole thing, if I do say so myself.  I think Maggie was waiting for me to lose it.  We just cleaned it up, took off his sopping wet socks and pants and went on about the day.  Calm is so much easier that angry.


4 responses to “calm waters

  1. So funny! 🙂 Thank goodness it was only water!!!

  2. phew! My mom got Yago a play sink and had me set it up for him on Monday. I-N-S-I-D-E. Three changes of clothes later he still hadn’t had enough!
    What is it with kids and water?

  3. I love the commercial for (who knows what) where the boy is shaking up the soda bottle and spraying it, and the mom seems to get mad, but then says, “you’re doing it all wrong!” And then she takes the sprayer from the kitchen sink and hoses him down. So here’s to wet kitchens, and the hope that sometimes we can find it in ourselves to be that water squirting mom.

  4. I am seriously looking into a water table. If he’s going to play with it anyway, might as well try to keep it off the kitchen floor!

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