Yesterday afternoon I thought it would be a good idea to take a chair into the yard and work on my laptop while the kids played outside.

I finally found a spot in which the sun wasn’t too bright, and I could actually see the screen.  What a great idea.  I could do this all summer (well, at least until it gets too hot and the laptop slides off my knees from a  sweat/sunscreen combination.)

I wasn’t happily seated for more than 4 minutes before Nicholas took a header off his riding toy.  

And I was faced with a big decision…

…set my laptop down in the yard (that was very muddy from recent rain) so I could get there faster, or feel like the mom who loves her computer just as much as her child.

I went with the later.

When I got to him I thought of setting it on the driveway, but again couldn’t bring myself to do it.  So I scooped him up in one arm and held on to the laptop with the other, really, really, really hoping I didn’t drop either of them.  (That would have been hard to explain.)

I didn’t hesitate for a moment to sacrifice one of my favorite T-shirts from college.  I thought to myself you are totally going to get blood on one of your favorite T-shirts. But I didn’t hesitate.  So I guess the pecking order has become clear to me – child first (by a hair), laptop, and then favorite T-shirt.  I kind of figure that a 15-year-old T-shirt with blood on it just has more character.  At least that is what I will tell myself when I continue to wear said shirt. (Small amount of blood – I have been smeared worse with old-lady lipstick.)

He looks a little bruised and scabby on his chin, but no skin loss.  It didn’t gush blood or anything, just oozed for two hours or so.  I think he should heal up fine.  (I thought of posting my first blog photo of the poor boy’s chin, but he is at school right now and I am seizing the moment.)

And obviously, if he was really hurt I would have thrown the laptop down and used it for traction to get to him.

(Edited on the evening of 4/2/9)

I almost forgot the sweetest part.  Nicholas was sitting on the bench in our bathroom and I needed to go on an ointment hunt and knew that he would panic if I left him.  I asked Maggie to sit with him while I ran upstairs.  

When I came back down, Maggie was singing him the lullaby that she learned a long time ago at music class.  I still sing it to them occasionally.  She sang it perfectly and with so much love.  I almost broke into tears at how lovely the whole thing was.


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  1. i totally would have done the same thing

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