We have been rearranging furniture for a week or two now.  Be careful where you sit, because the chair might not be where you thought it was.  Maggie was all for these changes, until we entered her room.

I had to explain to her that even though we were moving two bookcases out of her room, we were going to get her a new bookcase.  She was really coming out way ahead.  But at the moment all she could see was bookcases marching out the door.  

Then I emptied a dresser to move into Nicholas’ room.  This was met with more unhappiness.  But let me say, her room has been crammed with furniture.  Wall to wall to wall with stuff.  It was making me claustrophobic.

After a few more hours of sorting books, moving clothes around and rearranging she came into her room to check out the progress. (She originally started out helping me, but it was a longer process than either of us was really prepared for.)

“Wow, mom! Thanks so much for doing this rearranging.  It looks great!”

“Oh, good.  I’m glad you like it.”

“Well, I did like the shape of it before, but I know that change is just something that happens and it’s better to be happy with change than to be sad about it.  So, thanks for doing all this work.”

Or course, the next morning when she couldn’t find her underwear drawer, she was a little less thrilled.  But she is getting the hang of where everything is now and it looks so much better.

Now if only I would stop trying to hang up the phone where it used to be, and stop trying to put things in the microwave where it used to be…


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