countdown to kindergarten

Kindergarten.  What an amazing time it’s going to be.  For me.

OK, truth be told, I kind of wish it were four days a week instead of five.  But I am quite sure I will laugh hysterically at those words once we get used to it and she has her first vacation day.  Maybe, maybe not.  I’ll let you know.

I have so many plans for myself when my oldest goes off to kindergarten.

I will finally have time to write.  During the day.  For long periods.  Uninterrupted.  Maybe send a few things out.  Get moving on my career.

I will be able to clean, (ugh) and shop and “keep house” and still have time to write. There are rooms to paint.  Wallpaper to remove.  A house to accessorize.

Oh, and cooking.  Learning to cook would be awesome.  Because then we could eat the things I cook, instead of hearing my daughter say Where are we going for dinner tonight?

And photography.  I can finally take some pictures without having to keep one eye on the little people.  Or maybe I could do something with the 8,000 pictures I currently have.  Like edit?  Print?  Dare I say, organize?

While I’m at it, maybe I’ll fire up the monogramming machine a little more often.  Or hey, there are still a few patterns I want to try out (read: simple, simple patterns) for some cute swing tops for Maggie. (I have the cutest fabric that was originally going to be an adorable swing dress when Maggie was a baby.  Let’s hope I can get some sewing done while the fabric can be a shirt, and not just a scarf.)

And gardening.  I could leisurely pick out some flowers, decide where I want them, plant during the cool morning hours.  With ear buds on, no less.  (I always have the best intentions when it comes to gardening.  In reality, I usually make it 10 minutes before trying to pawn the job off on anyone who will help  do it for me.)

Read!  I could read more!  I could finally get through the stack of 20 books I am dying to get started on.

OK, now I’m just getting giddy.  Maggie will attend school 5 days, and Nicholas will overlap 3 of those days.    Three days a week. all. to. myself.

Kindergarten is going to be awesome. (for her.) (and me.) (though I will miss her.) (sometimes.)


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