A few days/weeks ago, (this month has officially kicked my butt and my sense of time) Maggie picked a ton of flowers weeds she proceeded to hand out to everyone at the park.  They were the little yellow buttercup wildflowers.  One older woman rubbed it on her chin and told Maggie the old wives tale about finding finding true love.

Now she insists I rub dandelions on my chin at least 10 times a day.

Today while Nicholas and I waited during the dreaded oil change, he made friends with at least eight people.  Eight very random, unique (GiGi, can eight people be unique?) people.  It was kind of a hoot.  At least two people said “I think a cat must have your tongue.”  One person thought he was three.  One person thought he was four (I’m guessing this person hasn’t been around many toddlers.)

The highlight of the morning had to be when he went up to a complete stranger who happened to be sitting in a rocking chair.  He pushed up and down on the arm until he got the chair rocking pretty good.  His passenger was kind enough to humor him.  She humored him the next 28 times he did it also.  It was darn cute though, if I am allowed to say that.  And luckily he didn’t rock her out of the chair (she appeared to be in her 70s, at the least.)

So shyness is something my children apparently lack.  Don’t get me wrong, if put on the spot they can both burrow their heads into my leg and try to disappear.  Though it seems on the average day, turning strangers into friends is much more likely.


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