sweet dreams

Nicholas has moved into the big-time.  He has his own room.  (I know, many of you are thinking FINALLY.)  Part of the madness behind the three-room furniture switch, was to create a space that is Nicholas’ and his alone.

So he slept a few nights on his own.

It was going swimmingly.  I can say this, because on the second night, my parents came to town and my mom offered to be the one to soothe him if he needed it in the middle of the night.  Which was awesome.

And he was doing pretty great.

And then he got sick, again.

Bad fever.  High fever.  Chills.  Rash.  Hives.  The works.  And I decided that since I would need to dose him through out the night, I might as well get the most sleep I could.  So I slept in his room with him.

Two nights with him, and now he is back on his own.  We will see what tonight brings.  His fever returned around dinner-time tonight after almost a 10-hour absence.  I was bummed to say the least, as that means he will miss another day of school.  But luckily it wasn’t one of his high fevers, just a normal fever.

The great part, even though I miss snuggling with him, is I was ready and I think he was ready.  I’m happy with the choices I made.  My husband is happy to have me back with him.  Everyone is happy.


One response to “sweet dreams

  1. You’re an awesome mom. Sleep well.

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