rash boy

Rash boy.  That was to be the name of a post last week when Nicholas developed his third rash of the month. (First, there was the strep rash, then the Fifth Disease rash – which went away two days before his third rash.)  So at the onset of the third rash – the fateful, freaky, weird rash that eventually appeared to be the major symptom of rheumatic fever, I named him Rash Boy.

We stressed over that rash for a couple of days.  It came.  It went.  It came back again.  It moved, actually it travelled, all over his trunk and arms.  I felt horrible for even thinking of the nickname Rash Boy.  Turns out, it wasn’t rheumatic fever.  It was a weird rash.

And then he woke up today with a fever.  And a new rash. For those of you counting at home, this is the fourth distinct and different rash in four weeks.  He has been rashless for 2 out of the last 30 days.  He is Rash Boy.

We schlepped off to the doctor again (amazingly enough doctor is one of his new words…)  They gave me the Tell me again, why you are here for a fever? attitude.  I explained, it’s a fever and a rash.  Since the first rash was his only strep symptom, and the second rash his only fifth disease symptom, and the third rash his only symptom at all (and we were talking heart disease in less than 15 minutes) and now he has a rash and a fever — call me crazy — I thought you would want to check him out!

So they checked his ears – fine.  Did another strep test – negative.  Not diagnosing rheumatic fever again, so they pretty much got nothing.  He’s got a fever and a rash.  Which I knew without having anyone tell me.  Though, I didn’t know he didn’t have an ear infection.  And I didn’t know he didn’t have strep again.  So give me a break for wanting to make sure that another rash and a fever was just part of being a kid.

“Some rashes are just rashes.  They are viral, there is nothing you can do.  Some rashes are symptoms of something else.  There is no way to know the difference unless you bring him in,” the doctor said.

Well, would you mind telling your nurses that so they don’t treat me like I’m the crazy munchausen mommy.  I have a kid who apparently gets a lot of rashes.  I don’t enjoy the $122 you bill us every time I have to bring him in to get a rash looked at.  You want to help me?  Let me e-mail you a photo of his rash and tell me when you think it’s a symptom and when it’s just a rash.

Uh, I think this turned into a rant.  Apparently that needed to come out.  Believe me, I want to stop talking about (and living) this crap more than you want me to stop talking about it.  Promise.


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