dreams come true

Tuesday is going to be a big day around here.  First, Maggie will be going to the doctor for two shots.  (We have only these two and one more before being cleared for school!) Then we head over to the neighborhood elementary school for kindergarten registration.  I can’t even believe I am uttering the words kindergarten and Maggie in the same sentence.  Almost five years has flown by.

I told Maggie about out plans.  The doctor part, not so thrilled about.  Though even she sees the light at the end of the shot-tunnel.  But kindergarten – whoa.  She is thrilled.

“Finally, all my dreams are coming true!”  she said.

“Oh really?”

“Yeah, I get to go to kindergarten, I get to go to a new school, and I get to go on a new playground!”

She truly could not be more excited and I am thrilled for her.


2 responses to “dreams come true

  1. Good luck to Maggie! (and good luck to Mommy too. I can’t imagine sending a kid to kindergarten!)
    I know that she’ll keep following her dreams!

  2. This is so sweet and reminds me of myself always, always, always excited about going to school. This makes me a little sad, too, for my nieces, 6 & 10, who are going to be transitioning to home-schooling next year. (I just found out last night.) Passing no judgment about h-s… although this may be a good topic of discussion for the Mamas!

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