So we are all breathing a little easier.  Nicholas’ blood work all came back normal.  What a relief.  I can’t even really put it into words.  He will still have an EKG done next week to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks, but I am feeling much better about the whole situation.

Not to criticize the doctors involved, but in hind sight, I wish they had told me they would run some blood work and let me know in a couple days, before mentioning rheumatic fever.  Of course, that being said, if I they hadn’t told me, and it turned out to be RF I would have pissed.  So I only wish they would have handled it differently because it turned out OK.

I will go back for another opinion at the end of the month with the surgeon who removed my lump nine years ago.  I am not one to turn down a second opinion, however I think it’s a case of CYA (cover your ass).  I saw the X-rays with my own eyes, and it’s nothing like what we dealt with almost a decade ago.

I finally got some deep sleep last night.  And thanks to the writing mamas my dreams were very interesting, to say the least.

I thank everyone for the kindness, support and help that was offered.  I have the most wonderful friends and support system, and I needed all of you.

(Now can we get back to the everyday fun, funny, normal stories of parenting?  K.  Thanks.)


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