48 hours

Until Monday, the worst thing I had going on was a plantar wart.  Then things got interesting.  The last 48, or so, hours have been brutal.

Things I have heard from nurses about me: abnormalities, repeat mammogram, biopsy, surgeon, history.

Things I have heard from nurses and doctors about Nicholas: rheumatic fever, heart disease, EKG, long-term antibiotic treatment (as in 19 years, long term), Erythema Marginatum (associated highly with heart disease.)

What we know as of now: My mammogram recheck was fine.  No issues.  Results all good.  No biopsies, no surgery.

Nicholas’ first two blood works came back.  Both normal.  Waiting on the third.  Should know tomorrow.  If it is rheumatic fever, it is very early onset, and hopefully damage has been spared.  We will know more tomorrow, and will have an EKG done next week to rule out any heart problems.  Or it is some bizarre strep throat rash that will go away eventually.

I had about 95 blog posts in my head that I will try to sort out and make some sense of.   (Look I just ended in a preposition and can’t figure out how to reword it.  My brain is more than fried right now.)


3 responses to “48 hours

  1. I kid you not, I just got a call from my OB/GYN’s office. “Due to my history, they would like to get a second opinion with the surgeon.”

  2. Ugh, I’m thinking of you…

  3. Oh My Gosh Brigid!! What in the world??? Let me know if you need anything. I am here.

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