Saturday Night Random

My mind is a little cluttered tonight, so I’m going to keep it light.

Have you ever noticed that the longer a TV series is on, the fatter the men get and the skinnier the women get?  i.e. Seinfeld, Friends, CSI, Bones.  Just saying.

Why did my good ole University of Illinois basketball team choose today to phone it in, after I made a few outspoken remarks this morning to some old friends who happen to have attended Purdue?

What made me think something called Super Nachos was going to give me anything other than heartburn?

We saw a couple who also attended the U of I and their two children at the game watch today.  We met them a few weeks ago and the kids got along great.  The mom is almost as tall as Mike and looks pretty athletic (not meaning stocky, meaning fit.)  Sure enough, today she had on her U of I volleyball shirt.  I had to bite my tongue a few times to not ask her where she found jeans that fit her long legs.  I guess by the time Maggie needs them, we will figure it out.

Though I did still get to insert my foot in my mouth once.  Assuming that since out kids were the same age, we must also be about the same age, I asked what years she played.  Um, yah, 1995-1999.  I graduated in 1993.  I’m old.  And I forgot for a minute.  

And on that note, I turn 38 four months from today.  I am planning on making a few changes now so that in four months when I literally age, I will in fact feel younger than I do now.  (No, not magic – I’m going to walk away from the chocolate a little more often, hit the gym, and get back to drinking a ton of water, among a few other things.)  That’s the plan anyway.   If only my intentions could bear the brunt of the work…


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