Maggie has decided she is going to be Tinkerbell for Halloween this year.  Yes, she likes to plan ahead.

Here is a typical morning for us as I comb her hair:

“OUCH!  That hurts, mom.  Why do you always hurt me?”

“Sorry, honey.  You have a lot of tangles.  It was much easier to take care of your hair when it was shorter.”

“But Tinkerbell has long hair.  She wears it in a bun.  I need to have long hair by Halloween so I can be Tinkerbell and wear my hair in a bun.”

“Well, if you want to have long hair, we need to comb out the tangles everyday.”

“OK, mom.  I want long hair.  It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

After a few days of this exact conversation, we switched it up a little:

“Mom, that hurts!”


“Oh, right.  It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Even though I know it does.  She sleeps like a wild animal and has the tangles every morning to prove it.  Oh well.  Her tangles, her costume, her choice.

Though I do draw the line when she said I needed to make her costume out of a leaf just like in the movie.

I think not.

Oh, and I am to be on the lookout for wings that light up.  So, by all means, if you see a pair of light-up fairy wings that would fit a 4-foot tall child (as she is likely to be hitting the 4 foot mark by October) buy ’em and I’ll gladly reimburse you.


2 responses to “Tink

  1. Hee hee, I remember my Mom brushing my hair with all its tangles. when I would say ouch, she would reply, “You have to suffer to be beautiful!” she said it tongue-in-cheek of course, and it always made me laugh.

    Have you tried braiding her hair before bedtime? A French braid doesn’t hurt to sleep on.

    • I think I went with short hair as a youngster just to avoid the combing. Maggie’s hair is a bit too thin still to braid. But thanks for the idea! I’ll keep it in mind for when it gets longer.

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