play date

The play date has officially come and gone.  A good time was had by all.  In fact when we went to drop the friend off, we ended up staying at their house for two more hours.

I am so looking forward to/dreading overnights.  I found myself slightly over-concerned with whether our visitor was having a good time.  I can read adults, I can tell when they are miserable even if they are pretending.  Three-year-olds –a little harder to read.  I can only assume she had fun.  They giggled, she ate her lunch (except the carrots), and they want to do it again.  So I am going to call it a success.  But I think she was ready to go when I said it was time.  I imagine a night in the distant future where a little person looks up at me at midnight saying “I want to go home now.” 


Whew, I would be totally lying if I said this time change hasn’t messed with my head.  And our schedules.  Yikes.  We travel to Indiana,  an hour ahead, and it doesn’t seem to rock our world like this DST has.  Maybe because in the back of my mind I know it’s only for a couple of nights and we will get back to our schedule when we get home.  Except, now, we are home.  And we are all having a hard time adjusting.

It has taken Nicholas a total of almost 4 hours to fall asleep over the past two nights.  An hour and 40 minutes a night for a child to go to sleep does not make for a happy mom.  Humpf.

Since I’m rambling now, I’m going to call it a night.  I’m pooped.


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