oily hair is not a symptom

My hair guy thinks I am pregnant.

I am not pregnant.

We have taken certain, ahem, measures to ensure that our family will stay a family of four.

But when my hair guy took one look at me and my totally oily, oily hair, he would not believe that I am not pregnant.

I have dry, frizzy hair.  Always have.  Except for a few months when I was pregnant with Nicholas.  My hair was like an oil slick.  And I had no idea what to do about it, because like I said, I have dry, frizzy hair.

So I am back to being an oil slick right now for some undetermined reason.  I am not pregnant.

Since I spent the better part of the last eight years trying to get pregnant or being pregnant, I was at times consumed with my pregnancy or non-pregnancy status.  EPT has many, many of my dollars.  I could send a kid to college with what I have shelled out to EPT to see if said child actually existed.

Though I know that I am not pregnant, it has been an enlightening few days thinking about the possibility (though there really is no possibility.)  I told my hair guy it was not nice to plant crazy ideas in my head like this.  He had questions, I had answers.  But with each answer he kept squinting at me and telling me he still wasn’t sure.  The more he kept doubting, the more I started to doubt.

I was *this* close to buying an EPT.  Except I’m not pregnant.  And EPT doesn’t need any more of my money.

It’s been hard to change gears from wanting it so bad, to being happy not wanting it.  I think I will be a great mom to my two children.  I think I would be a half-crazy mom if I had more children.  I know my limits.  I am happy with two. 

That being said, if the, ahem, precautions we took, happened to have a major FAIL, I would, for the most part be OK with that.   It would certainly change everything I have ever thought my life would be like, but I would roll with it and keep going.  It’s kind of a comfortable place to be – I am happy with two, we plan on staying with two, but if three somehow, someway fell into our lap (or my uterus, such as it is) we would do that too.

Though, I think I mentioned, I am not pregnant.  (And this is not me trying to convince myself.  This is me talking about a funny thing someone said to me and the resulting thoughts I had about it.  Anyone who asks me if I really am pregnant, owes me $5.)


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