Yesterday Maggie told me that she didn’t want me to send Baby Yogurt (you might know it as Yobaby, however it’s Baby Yogurt around these parts) in her lunch anymore.  (This is the same yogurt that she begs for at home, which really belongs to her brother.  I decided  a while back it was a battle not worth fighting and started buying it again for both of them.)

I asked her if someone had said something.  She said yes, but wouldn’t tell me what had been said or by whom.  I’m sure we can all guess she was called a baby, at the very least.

I agreed not to send it, if she didn’t want it.  I also mentioned that she could tell whoever it was to buzz off, though I said it much more politely. 

She mentioned to me that she did still really like Baby Yogurt, just not at school.

This morning I told her she had the choice of Baby Yogurt or no yogurt since I had not been to the store since the yogurt name-calling.  She looked really torn.  I told her she could tell them that the Baby Yogurt was all her mom had in the fridge.  She seemed to think this was OK.

After pick up, I asked how her day was and all the normal questions.  She volunteered that she ate all of her lunch.  I asked if anyone said anything about her yogurt and she said no.

Of course, now I have yogurt on the brain and I’m realizing that Nicholas doesn’t need Baby Yogurt anymore either.  Now that he is two, I should switch him to low fat as well.   I made some comment about no one needing Baby Yogurt anymore.  We were all ready for Mommy Yogurt.  Maggie thought for sure there should be something between Baby Yogurt and Mommy Yogurt and I told her we would look.

She was thrilled to find Kid Yogurt that looks like Baby Yogurt except it clearly says Kid on it, which would make it totally appropriate.  A moment later as I was picking out my yogurt, I saw her with her face mushed up against the glass door of the yogurt case (I know, ewwww, germs.) As I was about to ask her to back up, I realized she was crying.  I gave her a big hug  as huge tears streamed down her face. 

“I really like Baby Yogurt,” she said.

I was a little torn now, because it was the teasing that helped me to pay attention to the fact that they had both outgrown the Baby Yogurt, but I didn’t want the kids at school to be right.  

After a few minutes (seriously, minutes) we agreed to try the Kid Yogurt and reevaluate after that.  Yikes.

Wait until Nicholas finds out he’s eating his last Baby Yogurt!   He was too busy throwing my eggs around to care much about the yogurt.  But he will, oh my, he will.  It’s like we are weaning all over again.


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