Maggie wants a play date.  With her friend Tara, from school (names have been changed because I only have parental rights to embarrass my own children, not relative strangers.)

Actually, when Maggie got in the car last week she asked to have a play date with Tara, Scott, Tom and Marie. 

“Wow.  That’s a lot of people.  It will take us a long time to get that many people organized for a play date.  That sounds more like a party,” I said.

“OK, let’s have a party.”

“Your birthday is in June.  That’s the perfect time to have a party.”

“OK, then I would like to have a play date with Tara.   Can she come over tonight?”

“Not tonight.  I will call her mom and figure out if there is a day that you both are off school.”

So we went on about our evening.  Maggie spent the time until dinner quietly playing and amusing herself.  When my husband called her for dinner she stalled.  Not yet.  In a minute.  It’s not time yet.  Finally he told her it was time.  No questions.  She fell into a puddle of tears.

“But I’m having a play date with Tara and she’s not here yet.”

He was baffled.  He looked at me with questions coming out of both of his eyes.  I scooped her up and we sat on the couch.  She had heard all of our conversation except the not tonight part.  I could see how disappointed she was.  She had been waiting for a friend and that friend was not coming.

I promised her that I would call Tara’s mom.  But I was off to a meeting so the phone call would have to wait.

The next morning I was greeted with “Have you called her mom yet?  Is she coming today?”

Not yet, hun.  I’ll call her tonight.

When I picked Maggie up from school today we were right behind Tara’s mom in the pickup line.  Maggie couldn’t understand why we were not talking about the play date at that very moment.  I explained that I would call her later.  The whole way home she told me of each toy she was going to share with Tara.  Of all the games they would play.

Tonight, I stepped out of my comfort zone and called a woman who doesn’t know me from Adam.  I got their machine and left a brief but thorough message of who I was and why I was calling.

I returned to Maggie to explain that I had called Tara’s mom and we would have to wait to hear back from her, hoping that we would hear back and that the idea would be well received.

A short time later I saw the phone flashing a message.  I listened to the message as if I was waiting to hear if I was going to go to prom.  Tara would love to come for a play date.  In fact, at pickup today Tara said she didn’t want to go home with her mom, but that she wanted to go home with us. 

Whew.  I got a date to the prom Maggie got her play date.  I certainly hope it can live up to the hype.


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