I try to find the funny in most things.  When I can’t find the funny I try to find a way to whine that might make it funny.  Today I am coming at you from somewhere else.

I had one of those days that doesn’t come along too often in the word of being a mommy.


I may not be doing it right all the time, I may be far from perfect, but today I got a great reminder that I must be doing something right.

This morning we ventured out to the dentist.  Myself and Maggie for return cleanings.  Nicholas for his first time in the big chair.  I was a little nervous for how he would react.

Our appointments were scheduled for the same time with three different hygienists.  The idea (six months ago when making the appointments) was to get in and get out as fast as possible. 

As we pulled into the parking lot I had one of those “Oh Shit!” moments when I realized the stroller was safely tucked away in the garage at home because we don’t use the stroller anymore except when we are at the dentist and I am going to have my mouth open while I lay in a vulnerable position and my two-year-old is free to roam the building.

Ahem.  So we had a quick talk in the car about what was going to happen and what type of behavior mommy wanted while we were visiting the dentist.

Nicholas did a fabulous job.  He sat with his mouth closed, at first.  She asked him to open and he politely said no.  Then she asked him to open like an alligator and he totally did it.  Made me so proud.  He was quick, easy and painless.

Maggie had gotten started while they were finishing Nicholas.  My hygienist was running a little late, which was totally cool, except now Maggie was in a chair and I was supposed to be in a chair and Nicholas was free to roam the halls. 

He sat on the floor for about 3 minutes before deciding to go check things out, at which point I put him on my lap smiling at my hygienist saying something like “this is OK, isn’t it?”  She was a bit shocked, but got over it and we got on with dental care. 

He sat on my lap the entire time, not squirming, not moving, simply watching every single thing she did in my mouth.  The dentist came in at one point and mentioned something to the hygienist.

“Oh, no, it’s OK.  She’s a flosser,” the hygienist told the dentist.

After he left she told me he didn’t want Nicholas to be frightened by the sight of B-L-O-O-D, but since I’m such a good flosser that wasn’t a concern.  Yay me!  (Totally not the story from about 1.5 years ago… I used to bleed until a transfusion was considered.)

When Maggie finished up she came down and hung out with us.  In no time, we were all getting our new toothbrushes and we were on our way out.  Not even kidding – every single person in that office, from the hygienists to the office people to random strangers in the waiting room, complimented the children on their behavior.  (Which also kind of means they were groaning when we came in, waiting for the Apocalypse…)

I floated out of that office knowing that my children surprised even me with their behavior.  I am not a perfect mom, but today was a reminder that maybe, just maybe, I am doing something right.  Or the moons were in alignment.

Oh, and no cavities for the lot of us!  Including my two breastfed, nighttime-nursed babies who in theory could have had 10 cavities each.  Yay us!

So of course, I scheduled our appointments to overlap again next time.  Piece of cake right?  (to be continued in six months…)


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