I kind of feel right now that I am nothing more than a pile of excuses.  Excuses why I haven’t started projects, resumed exercising, been a better parent.  Excuses why the kids have been watching more TV lately, instead of using their brains.  Excuses why I haven’t been making healthy dinners and instead we have been eating out and eating junk.

I’m even dragging myself here to write. 

I’d like to think it’s recovering from a two-week disease fest, but when does the recovery end?  When do I pick up and move on?

I really, really want the weather to stay warm enough that I can stand to be outside with the kids.  They are much happier people when they can play outside.  When they are happier, I am happier.  Tired kids (the good kind of tired) makes for easier bedtimes.  Easier bedtimes makes for a little more me-time.  More me-time makes a happier mom the next day.  A happier mom the next day makes for happier kids the next day.  See a pattern here? 

Now if the weather would just cooperate.  Or is the weather another big fat excuse I will blame for why it’s been a hard couple weeks to be a parent?


One response to “excuses

  1. I always joked that I had season affective disorder – I was such a slug in February especially. I hated the end of winter and it took forever for spring to arrive. It was gray 90% of the time. Just ugh. But then we moved to the south where the sun shines and compared to the north the weather isn’t bad. And I am still lazy this time of year. So I got nothing to offer but empathy.

    Go to Trader Joes and buy some dry cut daffodils for $1.75. They helped me briefly.

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