I had the best intentions.  I was wearing my workout clothes when Maggie woke up and had some massive bad diarrhea.  And again.  I left it up to her – school or no school.  She said no school.

“I don’t want to have another diarrhea at school all over the classroom and my work,” she said.  Quite frankly, I didn’t want her to either.

Mags has unusually “loosey goosey” stools because of her thyroid medicine.  TMI, perhaps?  Anyway, this is her first ever round of antibiotics and it’s not doing pretty things to her tummy.

We got to school to drop Nicholas off and she quietly told me she needed to go to the bathroom.  I took them both in ASAP, practically threw him into his classroom and got her to the bathroom just in time.  Whoa!

At that point I was congratulating myself on listening to her when she said she didn’t want to go to school.  But I was also wondering how in the heck I was going to get her home again.  We couldn’t hang out in the teachers’ bathroom forever.

I explained the term “courtesy flush” and then while Maggie continued in the bathroom, I popped around the corner to let her teacher know she wouldn’t be there today.  I mentioned a bit of my plight and she suggested a pull up for the ride home.  I remembered I have an emergency one in the car and popped back in to tell Maggie I was going to get it.

But she said no.  I said I didn’t think she would need it, but really it wouldn’t hurt to have it on just in case.  She said no. 

“What if people hear the swish swish it makes when I walk?” she asked with her big brown eyes looking twice their normal size.

“It will just be you and me and we will go straight to the car.”

“No.  Someone might hear.”

I swished my arm against my side with my coat and said I would say it was me if anyone asked.


So we headed out and I drove with purpose to get us home.  And we did.  And she has been fine the rest of the day.  I dread pumping more of the pink liquid into her body tonight because I will spend the next few hours worrying about what it will do to her.  No fun.

On the major plus side, we had a lovely day together.  I think we will probably do another couple of mommy-daughter days before she starts kindergarten.  It changed the dynamic drastically to not have to run interference with her little brother.

Oh, and I never made it to the Y and I didn’t get to purge anything, besides stomach contents, but it was a great reminder of what an awesome person my daughter is turning out to be.


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