short hair isn’t always good

I felt like signing on yesterday to post:

“My kid puked today.”

and just leaving it at that.  But I was a little too tired at the end of the day to humor myself in such a way.  You may remember I am so horrified by puke that it renders me helpless for the next 24 hours (and that is just watching someone else do it…  If I puke it’s a week, at least, before I am back to normal.)

But my spidey senses could tell something was amiss during the day.  I can spot a pale, peaked child from a mile away (usually so that I can put myself as far away from them as possible, too bad with my own, that is not an option.) So luckily the child had only apple juice/water in her tummy, and that was enough – for both of us.

My hubby had wanted all of us to go out to dinner.  I kept asking if he thought she looked pale.  He didn’t think so.  He wanted to go out for Italian…  I thought better of it.  Twenty minutes later I could be heard saying “Good thing we didn’t go out to eat,” as I held my daughter’s hair out of her face while she aimed for the toilet.

1. That is the love of a mother.  I could do that for no one who did not come from my womb.  As soon as they are old enough, they are on their own.

2. I say aim because she did, in fact, aim, kind of, like men aim at the toilet.  (sorry guys, but anybody who has cleaned around a toilet can tell you: practice your aim.)

At the end of today, everyone is feeling better.  Both kid are taking antibiotics for strep throat and seem to be totally on the mend.  I tested negative, so I have somehow dodged this bullet.

I have more to say, but the kids need me.  Remind me tomorrow where I left off.


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