quick hello

Just a quick hello for my loyal readers to let you know we are all still in one piece…

Thanks again to my mom who flew here and took care of me and the children.

Thanks again to my friends who offered support and errand-running.

Thanks to the parents who let me drop Maggie at their child’s birthday party to go pick my mom up at the airport.

Thanks to my niece who was going to spend the night before my mom ended up coming.  (Be glad you didn’t!  Nicholas has strep throat.  Just what you need right now…)

Yes, Nicholas (and almost every other child in middle TN) has strep throat, and without the hives we would never have known.  Maybe the hives are for kids like him who have such a high tolerance for pain, the skin finally swells and turns red so the mom will pay attention and take him to the Dr. 

I am walking upright again, with a mild amount of pain, but getting better each day.

Not much else is going on (at least that I was awake for) except Maggie acting out her Magic Tree House books in a way that is hilarious.  And she fell asleep for a few minutes on the way home from dropping Nana at the airport.  It was the first time in 10 hours that she stopped talking.

Here’s to everyone I know having a healthy week!


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