What started out this morning as a slight pull in my back, quickly passed over “sore back” territory and landed squarely in “jacked-up back” land.  I can barely walk.  It hurts to do everything.  Well, OK there are like two positions I can curl up into (read: hunch over) and it only mildly hurts.  Then I try to stand back up and scream in pain and choke back the tears.

And Mike leaves tomorrow for two days.

And the kids don’t have school on Monday for parent teacher conferences.

And Maggie has a birthday party to go to tomorrow.

And I haven’t bought the gift yet.

And she has no clean clothes to wear to said party, assuming I can wrangle Nicholas into the car.  (I actually can drive – though I probably shouldn’t – but it fits into one of the two strategic positions I can bear.)

And we have no groceries.

I was going to get groceries, get the birthday party gift, clean the house a little, all before Mike leaves tomorrow.  Cripes.

Now I am eating advil and using a cold pack to ease the pain.  Of course, the chiro told me that heat is my enemy for the first 48 hours.  I asked him how I was to try to keep warm without heat since I am cold all the time and adding a coldpack is bound to freeze me into a popsicle.  He said to cover up.  I wonder if he’s even seen completely purple nailbeds on someone who is still alive?

Oh, and hubby took the kids to the park after I mentioned that when one parent is down, the other has to pick up the slack.  I pointed out that I was, in fact, to be considered down until he walks out the door tomorrow.  So they got back a little while later and I asked Maggie if Nicholas slept.  She said he slept the whole time in the car for a long, long time.  So I didn’t try to put him down for another nap because he had already had a nap.  Later when I asked Mike he said Nicholas slept about 10 minutes in the car.  So now Nicholas has not had a nap (which hubby thinks will make him sleep better tonight-but anyone who has been around the block knows that messing with naps is like messing with voodoo.)

If I could get out my Magic 8 ball and know whether the pain would be worse or better tomorrow I would be a whole lot happier (or dead, because if it gets a lot worse and I’m alone with 2 children all bets are off.)  So I’m off  to lay on the floor and continue to whine.


One response to “Valenwhine

  1. gah! Let me know if you need anything tomorrow! I’m off work and would be more than happy to run some errands/help out however possible. Seriously…call me.

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