Have I mentioned that my daughter has an interesting (cough, cough) style of dressing?  With the change of seasons seemingly arriving early (it’s a total fake, it always is, and I fall for it every year) I have begun to think about what clothes will fit from last year and what will need to be purchased.

So this got me thinking – maybe she wears strange combinations because that is what I provide for her.  Then I remember that she just likes to be her own girl, and I’m cool with that.  We get looks from some people, but she is happy and she is dressing herself.  Those are two pretty important criteria.

I admit, each season I think maybe I should spend some more time/money to help her look more like a cutesy-matching four-year-old.  Then I remember that she will wear what she wants to wear and I have little say in the matter.

And then it rained.

And for three days it has been warm enough to play in the yard.

In the mud.

Because that is the way she rolls.  In the mud.  With both hands dirty and streaks across her face.  That is what being a kid is all about.  So I cringe a little at the fact that the bottom ruffle of her pants is covered in three inches of mud, but it’s only a little cringe, because I know the pants were consignment and pretty cheap. (I totally snuck the ruffle past her by calling attention to her shirt while she was picking out her clothes.)

So, yes, she’s a tomboy.  She is in no way a girlie girl.  But neither was I, so I get her.

She plays hard at school.  And paints.  And spills her yogurt, sometimes.  And brings home shells and rocks in her pockets.  And simply finds a way to get dirty.  Which I love.  Maggie wouldn’t be Maggie if she wasn’t wearing a souvenier from her day.

And I wouldn’t be a very good mother if I cared whether her clothes came home clean.


One response to “mini-me

  1. BRAVO! to you.

    I was the dress her cutesy and not get dirty kind of Mom. I ruined my kid! So sorry, Ashley.

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