You either know what that means, or you don’t.  Three days ago I didn’t.  Boy, do I now!  @brigidday is my “handle” on twitter.  Twitter.com for those of you, who like myself, have heard of twitter, but also have heard of nuclear science, is like facebook statusing on crack times 10.  Or times 100.  Hell, maybe even 1,000.  If you don’t know what Facebook is, I’m afraid you need to google it.  If you don’t know what google is, I’m surprised you are actually on a computer, let alone this blog…

Thanks to the wonderful women at Blissdom09, I now have a better understanding of all things blog.  I now twitter.  At least, I try.  I still have much to learn and figure out, but I’m getting there.

I set up a few Google alerts today.  Google alerts really kind of bum me out.  I hope the people from high school I used to google before Facebook came along didn’t have google alerts on.  How embarrassing.  I was just wondering how you were and hoping you were happy.  No need to go through with the restraining order.  Really.

I purchased my domain.  Which means at some point in the future you will be visiting me at brigidday.com instead of brigidday.wordpress.com.  That will be kind of cool.  And I have a friend who has most graciously offered to assist me in porting my old blogs.  (I kind of sound like I know what I’m talking about, but I assure you, it’s a little girl with a keyboard behind a curtain.)

On my to-do list are setting up feedburner, tweetdeck, trying to remember what twellow is, getting started on flickr, possibly picnik, figuring out if I want to stay brigidday.com or maybe switch to some wonderfully catchy new name.  And figure out what that name might be.  And design.  Then there’s the whole design aspect.

So when I said that there were a thousand things swirling around in my head last night, I was being totally serious.  I’m also trying to find all the great people I met, get caught up on their blogs, their bios (oh, yeah, need to add a bio) and get them all in my reader. 

And spent an hour playing tag, catch, hide and seek, and other general silliness with the kiddos.  Now I’m on my way to a “potty-learning” meeting at the kids’ school.  Because we teach children, we train dogs.  Guess what tomorrow’s post will be on?


6 responses to “@brigidday

  1. So a dear friend of mine was kind enough to point out (in private) that Google alerts don’t alert someone they are being searched. It alerts them if they are written about. Well, I’m nowhere silly enough to write about the people I stalk. 😉 So my secret is safe, except for the fact that I totally outed myself here. Luckily the people I stalk probably aren’t stalking me back…

  2. let me know when you want to do a domain changing session! 🙂

  3. Wish I could have been there!

    • Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth. I would totally suggest attending Blissdom’10 if you can! I checked out your blog. You have some great photos. I like your style. 😉

  4. Whoa girl! I’ve been blogging for 3 years and you’ve already by-passed me. I have no idea how to do a Google alert (and only a vague idea of what one is). Twitter was a lot more relaxed and fun for me before last weekend. LOL I added so many new people that I am overwhelmed. Tweetdeck has helped because it lets me set up a group separate from the main stream of folks so I can see what my pre-Blissdom friends (all 30 of them) are up to more easily than trying to keep up with everyone. It also separates the @ replies so I don’t miss any. I have no idea what twellow is and I just mastered Picaso so I refuse to switch to picnik. And the only reason I have my own domain is because my hubby is a geek and bought it for me not long after I started my blog over my protests of feeling silly with a whole domain named for me.

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