finding bliss

Forgive me as I try to form complete sentences while two tons of new information swirls around in my little old brain.  I am recently home from a kick-ass blogging conference, Blissdom 09

A few things that I learned:

I know about 1/8 of 1 percent of what there is to know about blogging.

I want to learn more.

The women who attend blogging conferences (at least this one) are awesome.

I own zero cool shoes.

But the most important thing I will take away from this conference is the feeling I had of missing my family.  I don’t get out much and get away never.  I was a little afraid I wouldn’t want to come home.  On Saturday morning, I wished I had booked the room for Saturday night too.  But by Saturday evening, at the end of the show, I was so ready to head back to my house, to see my husband, to hug my kids. (OK, and to get some sleep. I’m honest…)

I passed out cards with my blog name to anyone who asked.  But I’m not one to schmooze.  I’m not a natural schmoozer.    I was a tiny, little fish in a big-ass ocean of women who do this, and do it well.  Other than stories about my kids, I have little else to talk about these days. 

Then I came home and saw my children light up at the sight of me.  All of a sudden I was the big fish.  The one everyone wanted to see.   They were fascinated with my name badge and each took a card.  My two biggest fans.

I have given some thought to why I blog.  What is my intent?  What is my style?  What is my purpose?

And I have a few answers now.  Not to be morose, but if I meet an untimely death tomorrow, I want my children to know me.  They will see pictures of me, sure.  They will see me being awkward on home videos.  But they will know me from my writing.  And they will know that they are the most important people in my life.  They will have my words to remind them how special I think they are.

So, that is my purpose.  If I can make that entertaining enough to have you join me, then all the better.  I love readers.  I love comments.  But I love my family more than anything.

(That is not to say that they won’t be driving my completely bat-shit crazy again by tomorrow.  But in a good way…)


5 responses to “finding bliss

  1. Happy to know you had a good time and that you missed your family. Does Mike read your blog? I find it give an insight into you. I wish I could wright as well as you. You express yourself well and you share your soul.

  2. So glad you were there!!!! We’ll have to find a time to meet up with other locals outside of a noisy, crowded (but definitely kick ass) conference!

  3. Everyone kept talking about balance? Sounds like you’ve got that part down! It was great to meet another N’ville blogger! So glad you came.

  4. So nice to meet you and I too feel like I have once again tweaked my purpose in blogging. If I learned one thing it’s that I cannot make any decisions about blogging unless I know my purpose!

    Nice to meet you!

  5. I’m so glad to have met you and look forward to talking blogging with you again!

    Like you, I rarely (never!) leave my kids. It was lovely to get that rock star treatment when I returned.

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