closet envy

I realized something today.  I miss my old roommates.  For their closets.  (I really do miss them also.)  Seriously, sharing space, time and belongings with other women was a great part of college and post-college life.  And damn, could I use a little closet shopping right now.

I figured out today as I try to plan my wardrobe for the first actual “event” I am attending is as long as I can remember, that this would be the perfect time to raid my roommate’s closet.  Except he’s 6″5′ and has a bit different taste in clothes than what I have in mind.

I miss the days of walking down the dorm hallway and finding a sweater to go perfectly with a pair of pants.  Or boots to compliment the skirt that I have already borrowed. Someone offering up the perfect necklace to compliment a neckline.

I have also just realized that my closet doesn’t have much to loan out.  I dropped off my maternity clothes to a newly-pregnant friend.  The more I looked through them, the more I realized there wasn’t much there.  Lots of comfy clothes.  T-shirts in brown, navy, black… Then I got to peak in her closet.  She already has better maternity clothes than I ever had.  Then I recalled all the maternity clothes I borrowed.  I loved borrowing maternity clothes.  Getting to wear things that I might not pick out, but that looked great.  Having fashion delivered to my door.

And now reality is setting in.  I am out of the loop.  No roommates to borrow from.  No more maternity clothes to borrow.  I’m on my own.  For just about the first time in my life- my closet is my own.  And I think it needs some help.  Short of going on “What Not to Wear”  I have a long road ahead of me.  Anyone feel like delivering fashion to my door?


One response to “closet envy

  1. Just wait. Maggie will be stealing from your closet before you know it!

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