night night

Uh, kind of lost track of time while working on the school newsletter.  It’s too late and I’m too fried to really have much to say.  Though my dad and I seem to have great conversation between the hours of 10pm and midnight. (And other times too, but those late night talks are just for us after everyone else had gone to sleep.)

I promised myself I would try to start correcting my time whack which has had me going to bed at midnight the last four nights and still getting up at the crack of 6am with Nicholas.  Six hours just doesn’t do.  I was lucky when my parents were here to be able to sleep when Nicholas napped, and they entertained Maggie so she didn’t wake me up every five minutes.  Did I mention that they left today (boooo hooooo hooooo) and it’s back to real life. 

Real life means I need to get my little butt to bed.  Just want everyone to know I didn’t even watch any TV today, or have my evening snack, or have my evening chocolate.  And I did some yoga (Wii, but I’m totally counting it.) Let’s hope I make it through the night… sweet dreams everyone!  And here’s to kids not having nightmares and sleeping until 8am.  (that is about as sweet as it could get.)

To all my friends who have sick families/children – (it seems like almost everyone I know) I hope you all get well soon.  And by all means – keep the puke germs away from me – you know what puke does to me!  Be well.


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