my day

In honor of the Superbowl I am totally not going to talk about the Superbowl.  Call me bitter…

Today is also St. Brigid’s Day.  St. Brigid was the patron saint of Ireland and good friends with St. Patrick (though he gets all the glory…)

Once I married, and my last name became “Day” it became pretty much impossible to google me for anything.  When you google Brigid Day you get 56 pages of hits about the Saint.  Nothing about me.

And I’m OK with that.  It helps me to feel a little anonymous.  And from someone who has spent an hour or two of my life googling people from my past, I like being virtually unfindable.  It’s like an invisibility cloak.

Now that I have a super power, I must use it wisely.  Only for good.  never for evil.  St. Brigid would want it that way.


One response to “my day

  1. happy saint’s day to you!!!

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