mom jeans

What a day.  I have been eagerly looking forward to date night with my husband.  In between dinner and a movie I am hoping to sneak in a bit of shopping.  (It’s all part of my master plan.  If I eat a big meal then I won’t be able to eat any popcorn at the movies.  If I eat a big meal, shop a little, walk a little, then I will totally be ready for popcorn… )

Anyway, I finally decided to look up the brand of jeans that I love so much.  They were part of the most recent of a batch of hand-me-downs and a brand I had never heard of before (which means next to nothing because I have heard of about 6 brands of jeans in my life, starting with Lee.)

I love these jeans.  I feel good in these jeans.  They stretch ever so slightly so I don’t get uncomfortable sitting, they hug my next-to-nothing butt, and don’t make my middle feel like I eat chocolate every day (which I most certainly do.)

Imagine my surprise (horror) to find out said jeans are from Sears.  I am totally wearing mom jeans.  The saddest part is I am going to put Sears on our to-do list to see if I can get another pair.

So for my date tonight, I am wearing mom jeans, a mom sweater, a mom haircut, mom shoes.   Even though I won’t have my kids with me,  I think everyone will know that I’m a mom.  Hopefully I won’t try to cut my husband’s food into little pieces when we are at dinner.


4 responses to “mom jeans

  1. You are one totally hot mom and don’t you forget it! I am sure you look badass in your mom jeans!

  2. Wear it loud, wear it proud.

  3. I have some mom jeans, yes I do. When we first got married and had to go jean shopping for my in-laws (remember, they are European–at the height of fashion, right?) guess where we often ended up for the brand? SEARS. yup.

  4. Brigid, you are so funny!

    Hey… I don’t just have “mom jeans”; I have a “mom wardrobe” and a “mom van”. All “mom”; all the time.

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