Friday night tidbits

Not much to report on today.  Naps were taken.  Games were played.  All is well.

Actually, my parents are visiting, so maybe that’s why I am feeling a little laid back right now.  Reinforcements are here.  That and some filet and lobster tail in my belly.  Yum.

My hubby and I are going on a date tomorrow night.  I can’t wait.  Then we are off to a superbowl party on Sunday.  Good times. 

And next weekend is Blissdom!  My first blogging conference (OK, my first conference in a long, long time period.)  That alone is almost reason to buy a laptop.  Hmm.  Maybe that is a little much on the rationalization scale.  But a girl can dream.

I organized two drawers today and threw away at least 10 things.  Yay for me.  If I actually got around to having a garage sale this spring I might be able to spring for a laptop.

Maggie has invited me and then uninvited me about six times to her birthday party.  (Again, that’s the birthday that’s right around the corner in June.)  But to a four-year-old, birthday invitations rule supreme.  Inviting or uninviting is pretty much the nicest or the worst thing they can do to you.  I take it seriously when I am uninvited, unless of course it’s for brushing her hair the wrong way.


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