We now have two, count them: one, two, Halloween socks, in the same location.  This may sound like no big deal to you, however, I am here to let you know – BIG DEAL!

I thought we had lost one of the Halloween socks.  They are orange anklets with pumpkins on them and a big fat gold-ball sized pumpkin pom pom attached to the back. 

Losing one sock did nothing to deter Maggie from wearing her beloved pumpkin socks.  She just began to wear pumpkin sock and pink/purple striped sock.  Or pumpkin sock and lime green sock.  Or pumpkin sock and rainbow heart sock.

A random stranger commented at the park that they liked her pumpkin socks.  I, of course, had to mention it was just the one sock.

I thought it was hilarious what she would come up with to “go with” her pumpkin sock.  Oh, to be that sure of one’s fashion.

About two weeks ago I finally thought to myself this is ridiculous.  I should just pitch the one sock and plead ignorance if it ever comes up.  Well, thank my lucky stars I didn’t.  This morning  I found the stray pumpkin sock.  They were there in the same spot.  Next to each other.  Reunited at last.

(Note to all who might think I am a pack rat – sometimes, on occasions like this, it PAYS to not rush to the trash…)

Now the question becomes – did I seriously rotate two pumpkin socks for 3 months with never an overlap?  Was one always upstairs and one always downstairs?  I think not.  I think that would be nearly impossible.  I can only guess that the lost sock was lodged in the depths of some back laundry basket or shoved under a rug or stuck in a out of season pile and unearthed by total accident.  Someone then threw it into the laundry pile and it landed very coincidentally next to its long lost, much more worn, sibling.

And don’t you worry.  The fact that it is almost February will not keep my little fashionista from wearing her pumpkin socks.


One response to “Reunited

  1. You should check out Little Miss–it would be adorable!! My daughter didn’t “get it”, although I bought a few pairs! 🙂

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